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Well Resources Delivers Keynote Address at the International Health Economy and Education Forum

Guangzhou, China, November 13, 2017 – The "Belt and Road" Health Economy and Education Forum united government representatives, scholars, industry leaders, and business executives from Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to share learnings in the medical and health industry. Over 300 delegates attended and participated in the forum aimed at further advancing the medical and health industry through cross-cultural learning.


Well Resources' Vice President of Technology, Dr. Keng H. Chung, presented the Canadian perspective in a keynote speech addressing the importance of international forums (such as the "Belt and Road" forum) which provide unique opportunities for global collaboration. Through open dialogue, key industry players can build solutions and technologies together, and share success on a global level.


When it comes to technology development, Dr. Chung explained that this encompasses engaging in dialogue during the exploratory and proof of concept stage, capitalizing on each others market capital and facilities during the proof of concept and clinical trials, and sharing success through overcoming policy and regulatory barriers during commercialization.


As the medical and health industry is currently at a young stage in developing countries, now is the time to act. International dialogue brings new perspectives that translate into new opportunities for both advanced and developing countries.

“Developing countries kick-start advanced medical and health care systems; R&D providers have quick access to enormous markets”, according to Dr. Keng H. Chung.

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