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Green, cost-effective, and commercially implemented technologies based on 40+ years of research, development, and experience.

Our Technologies

Commercially Proven Solutions

Trusted Green Technology

Well Resources' technologies are backed by leading researchers.

Well Resources focuses on the development of meaningful solutions to address pressing issues in the energy and life sciences sectors. Our team of industry experts have decades of commercial experience in the operations space and are specialized in process troubleshooting.


We have invested heavily in understanding the underlying issues in the energy industry; through doing so, Well Resources has developed commercially viable technologies to address safety and environmental concerns.

At Well Resources, we fully embrace the need to innovate.

Continuous innovation is ingrained in our culture. With a deep commitment to research and development, Well Resources' team of leading researchers are constantly developing future-forward and sustainable technologies.


To support Well Resources' growth and international expansion, we have partnered with the China University of Petroleum to form the Well-CUP Unconventional Energy Centre and the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology to form the Well-QIBEBT Technology Centre.


We are proudly Canadian and dedicated to continually advancing our knowledge on the challenges within the energy industry, both domestically and globally.

Well Resources is committed to net-zero emissions.

Well Resources supports ​the global net-zero emissions transition and strives to develop sustainable processes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Well Resources' low carbon process, SELEX-Asp, drastically reduces the full lifecycle carbon intensity of a barrel of oil. Not only does it outperform high carbon-emitting alternatives, but also improves the environmental and social impacts of refiners.

Stay up-to-date with company developments and industry discussions by following Well Resources' News and Well Insights series.

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