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Technology development specialists connecting Canadian innovators to the Asia-Pacific market.

Asia Biotechnology Accelerator


Well Resources provides a unique and proven model for supporting Canadian biotechnology companies in late-stage development for commercializing and selling products into Asia-Pacific markets.


Through our own experience in the technology development and licensing space, we established an innovative roadmap for success, which entails conceiving in Canada, developing overseas, and licensing worldwide. By tapping into global capabilities, we have grown to become a leader in technology development, commercialization, and licensing.


Our management team has extensive experience in navigating China’s jurisdiction for funding technology development. Our domestic offices are in Edmonton and Calgary, and we have expanded internationally with offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Qingdao.


We have also established key partnerships with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College to further support and accelerate the growth of collaborative projects between Canadian companies and Chinese partners.


We aim to serve as a catalyst for commercializing your biotechnology product by providing you with the specialized expertise and networking necessary to overcome domestic challenges related to funding, development, and implementation.


Asia Biotechnology Accelerator


Well Resources' Asia Biotechnology Accelerator aims to develop partnerships between Canadian technology developers and Asia-Pacific biotechnology companies and regulators.


By combining the expertise of Well Resources' management team and its global capabilities, Canadian biotechnology companies will gain access to additional resources, including overseas investors, state-of-the-art facilities, and leading industry experts in the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently, Well Resources is focusing on pharmaceutical products and diagnostic methods in late-stage development or that are market-ready, with market potential in Asia.


Well Resources is committed to developing strategic relationships and facilitating mutually beneficial financial transactions.


Placement Process


​1. Identify potential Canadian biotechnology projects for placement in China


2. Well Resources meets with Canadian biotechnology firm to learn about the technology, discuss company-specific needs, and identify commercialization bottlenecks


3. Well Resources connects Canadian biotechnology firm to China partners through face-to-face meetings (facilitated at our office in the Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College)


4. Canadian biotechnology firm and China partners discuss collaborative opportunities, which may include funding assistance, expedition of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals, or manufacturing arrangements

Competitive Advantage

Our Competitive Advantage

Well Resources is a “one-stop-shop” for Canadian technology developers looking to commercialize or sell into Asia-Pacific markets. There are many reasons why clients prefer Well Resources' Asia Biotechnology Accelerator:

state-of-the-art facilities

partner with the best

Asia-Pacific partnerships have already been established and vetted for you

experienced in raising capital

Our partners know how to procure funding to support development initiatives

overcome language barriers

We help you overcome geographical, cultural, and language barriers in Asia

strategic partnerships in place

We have strong ties with the Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College


  • College graduates feed directly into China FDA

  • College administration are previous China FDA high ranking officers

insights into china fda

Our partners know how to navigate and expedite the regulatory approvals process

state-of-the-art facilities

Our partners have the infrastructure to manufacture products on a commercial scale

asia market roll-out

Our partners can place your commercialized product into China's health system

risk adverse process

You do not enter any contractual obligations until you have comfort with the overseas partners and agree with them on a path forward

Our Story

At Well Resources, we understand firsthand the constant struggle of being a small player challenging the status quo in a highly-regulated and established industry.


Our own technology commercialization journey began in 2006 when we developed SELEX-Asp, an innovative process for addressing Canadian oil sands problems. We were immediately faced with market entry barriers and found it difficult to secure a local partner to implement the technology in Canada.


Faced with limited domestic interest to further develop and commercialize our technology, we pursued and built partnerships with key Chinese institutions, which led to the successful commercialization of SELEX-Asp in 2009. Our technology has since been licensed to both state enterprise and private investors in China. Further, we have brought our commercialized technology back to Canada, have been successful in licensing it domestically, and are now expanding internationally.


We are confident that our proven technology roadmap, specialized expertise, and an established network in Asia will enable Canadian biotechnology companies to overcome existing challenges.

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Confidence Through Experience

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Our Story

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