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Well's Strategic Partnerships

To further our initiatives in sustainable development, we have formed strategic partnerships with the China University of Petroleum (CUP), Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT), and Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College (GFDVC).

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Well-CUP Unconventional Energy Centre: Innovation in Petroleum Science

Well’s partnership with the China University of Petroleum focuses on research and development of technologies in the petroleum space. 
Well-CUP Unconventional Energy Centre consists of a workforce of over 500 staff, including 45 lead researchers (21 Canadian trained) with an average of 10 years of field experience, 250 graduate students, and over 200 support staff.
Through this partnership, we have developed an assortment of patented technologies, including:

  • SELEX-Asp: selective extraction process utilizing supercritical solvent

  • Ionikylation: composite ionic liquid alkylation for alkylate for gasoline blends

  • HydraSep: hydrate technology for separating process off-gas components

  • HydroSulfur: converts hydrogen sulfide into hydrogen and elemental sulfur


About Our Partner

The China University of Petroleum is home to over 48,000 students in petroleum-related majors, and it is a former affiliate of China's Ministry of Petroleum.


Well-QIBEBT Technology Centre: Focusing on Sustainable Development

Well-QIBEBT Technology Centre provides a platform for multidisciplinary experts from Canada and China to collaborate, test, and develop specialty products. Well-QIBEBT Technology Centre’s vision is to transform by-products, which are conventionally deemed as industrial waste, into value-added products.

Located in Qingdao, China, Well-QIBEBT Technology Centre harnesses advanced technology and the natural sciences for worldwide benefit. In alignment with Well’s commitment to innovation, this partnership aims to deliver breakthrough science and technology in renewable energy, which will have minimum ecological impact.

About Our Partner

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has amplified China’s growth by uniting scientists and engineers from China and around the world to turn scientific discoveries into technologies that power economic growth and sustainable development. 

QIBEBT is CAS’ niche institute for bioenergy and bioprocess technology, which focuses on R&D of new energy and advanced energy storage. QIBEBT boasts 13 pilot scale development projects and 2 demonstration sites, and is supported by over 900 research and development staff.


Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College

Well’s partnership with the Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College focuses on commercializing biotechnology innovations and integrating them into China’s health care system.


With GFDVC’s strong reputation in cultivating highly skilled technicians in medicine, biomedical instruments, and biotechnology, along with its state-of-the-art facilities, it plays a key role in supporting Well’s Asia Biotechnology Accelerator.


Through this collaborative placement, Canadian biotechnology developers will gain access to specialized resources provided by GFDVC including the expertise required to successfully navigate through China’s FDA approval process, the infrastructure to manufacture products on a commercial scale, and leveraging its existing network to strategically launch new products into the Asia Pacific market.


About Our Partner


Located in Guangzhou, China, the Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College is an authoritative education centre in the fields of western medicine, Chinese medicine, food, cosmetics, medical instruments, and biotechnology.


The college administration consists of many former high ranking officers from the China FDA and many of its graduates move on to fill management positions in the medical fields or join the China FDA.

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