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Well Resources Participates in Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo's International Symposium for Alkylate Gasoline Production

Calgary, AB, April 17-19, 2024   Well Resources participated Mexicano del Petróleo's ("IMP") inaugural International Symposium for Alkylate Gasoline Production - Research and Technologies in Mexico City, Mexico. IMP is a public research organization dedicated to developing technical solutions, conducting basic and applied research, and providing specialized training to Pemex, Mexico's state-owned petroleum company. 


Joined by our local partner Global Tech Sales & Services, Well Resources' Vice President of Technology, Dr. Keng H. Chung presented a session titled Ionikylation - Safe and Sustainable Clean Fuel Production. The session focused on advancements in the development and commercialization of safe alternatives to dangerous acid-based alkylation technologies that use hydrogen fluoride ("HF") or sulfuric acid ("H2SO4"), instead of using a non-corrosive composite ionic liquids-based catalyst.

"HF and H2SO4 alkylation are outdated technologies that no longer meet the needs of modern refiners, and refiners have historically tolerated these processes simply because they had no viable alternatives. These chemicals pose serious health and safety risks to plant personnel, nearby communities, and the environment," said Dr. Chung. "Ionikylation is that viable alternative."

The replay of the presentation can be viewed here.

240417-19 IMP - Alkylate Gasoline Production.jpg

Above: Dr. Chung presenting on Well Resources' safe and sustainable Ionikylation technology

Above: Well Resources and Global Tech Sales & Services delegation

​About Well Resources

Well Resources is an Alberta-based technology company with local offices in Calgary and Edmonton. With focus areas in the energy and life sciences sectors, Well Resources develops and licenses green technologies that promote effective resource utilization.

​About Global Tech Sales & Services

Global Tech Sales & Services is a Mexico-based company dedicated to providing solutions to the manufacturing and processing industries. Over the last 20 years, Global Tech Sales & Services has provided training and consulting to 100 of the top 200 companies in Mexico, spanning automation, electronics, food, and oil refining processes. Global Tech Sales & Services provides technical support with qualified courses and training all around the world including in Mexico, United States, China, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Poland.

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