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Construction Complete for Two Additional Ionikylation Units in Asia-Pacific

Sinopec Anqing Refinery
300,000 tpy 

Calgary, AB, July 3, 2019 – Well Resources Inc. announced that construction is complete for two brownfield Ionikylation units at Sinopec’s Anqing and Wuhan refineries. Each unit is designed to produce 300,000 tonnes-per-year of high quality alkylate with research octane numbers ranging from 96-98. Commissioning of the Anqing Ionikylation unit is scheduled for mid-July and the Wuhan unit will be commissioned by the end of the third quarter. Sinopec successfully commissioned its first Ionikylation unit earlier this year at its Jiujiang refinery.

Ionikylation has become the preferred alkylation technology for refiners throughout Asia-Pacific as they seek to meet increasing clean fuel standards in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Ionikylation uses a proprietary composite ionic liquid catalyst that eliminates reliance on dangerous, corrosive, and hazardous chemicals such as hydrogen fluoride and sulfuric acid. The entire Ionikylation system is constructed using carbon steel, and is a cost-effective option for refiners that are looking to improve the safety of their operations without sacrificing utility.

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Sinopec Wuhan Refinery
300,000 tpy 

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